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Full Size & Floodlit 3g Football Pitch

Installed in the summer of 2022 a new state-of-the-art FIFA approved 3g pitch enables all ages and abilities to enjoy one of the best surfaces for football in the country.


The 3g pitch is available to hire 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm, and is fully floodlit to ensure winter training can continue with no problems. The pitch is ready marked for:


  • 5 v 5 (quarter of a full pitch)

  • 7 v 7 (half of a full pitch)

  • 9 v 9 (half of a full pitch)

  • 11 v 11 youth​ (reduced size full pitch)

  • 11 v 11 full pitch

Dinnington Resource Centre 3g Pitch

Hire the pitch:

You can hire the pitch on a one-off basis or a long-term recurring hire. Simply check the live availability below and then click on the link to book the facility.


There are a few rules you'll need to follow like wearing the correct footwear when hiring our pitch. All the details you need to know can be found below. You can also read these here.


Please note the failure to wear correct footwear by anybody on the pitch will result in your booking being cancelled without refund.

Pitch availability:

Below you can view the availability of the 3g pitch. Scroll left and right to view dates further on in the year.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 10.13.11.png

Pitch rules:

You have to wear appropriate footwear to hire our 3G pitch. Incorrect footwear can lead to increased risk of injury for players and damage the playing surface. Bookings will be cancelled with no refund if correct footwear isn't worn by everybody on the pitch. This includes players, coaches and physios.

Below you'll find information on what is deemed as suitable footwear, along with other rules and regulations of the pitch. 


Footwear rules apply to anybody going on the pitch. Failure to wear the correct footwear will mean players won’t be able to play and coaches will have to coach from behind the fences.

Pitch rules:

  • No flat soled shoes or trainers.

  • Boots must be clean of loose mud or grass

  • Only players or coaches are allowed on the pitch

  • No subs benches are allowed on the pitch

  • Spectators must remain behind the fences at all times

  • No glass or bottles on the pitch

  • No smoking, food or chewing gum whilst on the pitch

You're also required to clear up litter, loose tape, plastic bottles and other waste before leaving the pitch after your game.

We’ve put together this guide to help players, coaches and spectators get the best possible experience from your visit to Dinnington Resource Centre.

If there are any unanswered questions from this guide, then you can contact us here.


Download our 3g hiring guide:​

Dinnington Town Football Club Suitable Footwear

Pitch layout:

Dinnington Resource Centre 3g Pitch

Weather forecast:

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